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S E E  G A R Y  L I V E

Gary McKinstry

Everyday Life & Medium

Readings in person,

private, phone and

individual zoom sessions.

Or as family groups.

Phone 207-527-2067

Mondays & Holidays


Virginia's - Office Hours

Tues.- Fri. 9-4pm

 Sat. 9-1 pm

Please leave a message.


For more info. & prices,

Visit Readings page.

Thank - you!


Gary's Hours

Tues.-Fri. 10-7 pm 

Sat. & Sun. 10-4pm per availability.

Ask about our new reading location.


Audience in Lecture

 Spirit Meets Science

Youtube:  Spirit Meets Science see new episodes. Hope you enjoy, share, comment, and subscribe. Just out having some fun!


Helping Others Find Their
Answers Through Mediumship

Internationally known Psychic Medium Entertainer, Gary McKinstry, shares his

gift to connect with the spirit world and brings intuitive messages to his clients and

audiences worldwide. His work as a psychic medium for over 30 years not only

includes clients in the USA, but also Brazil, France, Australia, Germany and Canada.  

Whether one on one in Norway, ME. or Palmer, MA. and or in a large seating arena,

Gary is dedicated to helping people in all walks of life and death and will deliver

your messages with style.

Gary also continues to work with others, such as police, fire, or investigators when

finding lost or missing persons alive or deceased, when needed or asked.


In 1999 Gary received his doctorate, Philosophy in Religion at the Universal

Life Church Modesto, CA.,  and was ordained as a Universal Life

Minister.  That same year, he with his wife Virginia establish their company,

GVM Productions.

Certified as a professional Tarot Reader C.P.T.R. from the American Tarot

Association, Gary went on to become a Certified Hypnotherapist with the Indian Mountain

Meditation Center, New Bedford, MA. to learn the inner workings of the mind.

in 2000 and 2002.


Gary as a paranormal specialist from 2005 - 2008 worked as a Extraordinary

Case Manager for Orion Paranormal managing the process and research of

ghost hunting cases.


In 2012 Gary became a Master Mason at the Quinebaug Lodge, Southbridge

MA and in 2013 Elevated to the 32 degree Sublime Prince of The Royal Secrets,

The Valley of Boston Grand Lodge, Boston, MA.


Media credits through his career.  Live radio stations broadcasting throughout

New England since 1995.

TV appearances, and featured in several printed publications.


Virginia McKinstry, Gary's wife for 25 years. A Motivational Speaker, Universal Life Minister,  and business partner with 

Spirit Meets Science. She is the production manager in all aspects of GVM Productions,

"Connections," an Event with the Medium, Gary McKinstry, events and shows.

Gary and his wife Virginia reside in Norway, Maine


W H A T  P E O P L E  S A Y


"You are so accurate on EVERYTHING. During my session you described my late husband to a "T"."

- Gaylin B.

L I S T E N   L I V E

Recording Studio



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