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Maine, in person readings, or by zoom and phone, have more availability.

 In person readings in Massachusetts are once a month at;

         The Train Master's Inn

         Palmer, Ma. 

Call Virginia for all details


All readings are by appointment only.


Individual Readings 

We welcome clients in person, with precautionary measures in place. If ill please reschedule or change to a zoom, or phone reading.

Gift Certificate's are always available! 

                         Thank - You

Readings Schedule Detail

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Evenings 6:00 & 7:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday - Per Availability

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

"ALL ABOUT YOU"  - In Person, phone, zoom. Sometimes life is hard and we all need a little guidance. Now it's "All About You."  Featuring palm & tarot readings.  

1 Hour / $100.00


MEDIUM SESSION  - In Person, phone, zoom.  Readings connecting to your loved ones who have crossed over.  Come by yourself or bring one family member and share the cost.  For larger groups see Group Readings tab. 

1 Hour / $200.00

Session Details:

Individual in person, zoom, or phone readings with Gary in

 Norway, Maine, book sooner, and easier.

   Or in Palmer, Massachusetts once a month.  Now booking Nov. & Feb. 2024 for Palmer. 

   207-527-2067 phone for details.

You may bring a recording device to the reading.

Payment type: Cash, Credit card, due at time of reading.


Book a date with Gary and then venture to the Lake Pennesseewassee ( Norway Lake) for a swim, fishing, snowmobile, ice fishing, skiing, or head to the Casino.  It's all fun for Summer & Winter!

      We are not far from:

Sunday River, and North Conway New Hampshire.

The Oxford Casino, and other places to play and relax.

Phone & zoom readings are available for both tarot & medium sessions; prices same as above. 

Gary's Zoom readings are private with you and or your family.

 Not on an online gallery.

Book Your Private Reading With Gary

Let's Connect!




Virginia McKinstry

GVM Production Manager

NEW # 207-527-2067



Tuesday - Friday 9-4 pm

Saturday 9-1 pm

**Mondays, and Holidays Closed**

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