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Live Radio & Special Events

Throughout New England and beyond Gary is legendary! Giving peace, comfort, and perhaps closure.  Talking to people about their eveyday lives, as well as those that have crossed to the Other Side. Understanding that we are never really alone and how we're all " Connected," through spirit and love.

Dated Events:  Large and small group sessions for corporate events, charity organizations, fundraisers, dinner shows and private sessions.

"Connections" An event with the Medium Gary McKinstry.  Connect to loved ones on the Other Side.  Remembering their life and stories keeps them always in our hearts.

 Private Sessions: Medium Sessions or Everyday Life, All about you (using palm and tarot).

One on one,   Private In Office Sessions   

Family Group,   In Office Sessions up to ten persons.

Family Group Sessions at your location.  Visit private readings page for all details.

 Gary McKinstry ~Internationally known, Medium, Psychic, Minister, Dr. of Philosophy in Religion, 32degree Scottish Rite Mason, teacher, hypnotherapist, paranormal specialist, mentor and life coach. Radio and television personal appearances.  Dedicated to helping people in all walks of life and death.  A real life approach to Mediumship.  Whether one on one at his studio in Dudley, Ma., or in a large seating arena, Gary will deliver your messages with style.

"HE'S THE REAL DEAL" describes his fans.

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Please phone Virginia McKinstry for more information and to schedule your appointment at 508-943-9058.

As always "Live today, like there's no tomorrow!"  Gary.